Talky Morrowind

Talky Morrowind XE

This is a fork of TalkyMorrowind. Hosted here, because it's not that easy to find and install Talky Morrowind to English-version, especially when all Russian-specific fixes are included and enabled by default.
In this pack you can find only basic version, that works with English Morrowind well, I believe. It is much easier to install and configure. With english manual.


TalkyMorrowind XE Standalone:
English (3Mb) / Russian (2Mb)

Morrowind Module Pack (not modified, for historical purposes):
Link to Yandex disk (5Mb)
This pack contains: TalkyMorrowind; ModuleLoader; TroubleFixer; embedded MCP; Russian Dialog Engine; Source code.
Probably, you don't need the whole pack (for English version) as:

1. No reason to use embedded "MCP adapter" with English version of the game. It's outdated and not that important for English versions of Morrowind, as you can always install the official MCP (unlike Russian versions, wich you can't use without CD if official MCP is used). It's a violation of MCP license agreement, probably.

2. TroubleFixer contain Russian version specific fixes and some sort of NoCD. You don't need that NoCD and fixes as you can use any of Digital versions of English Morrowind novadays.

3. "Russian Dialog Engine" add Russian text support to the game. Probably, you don't need it for the English version.

Official page of original TalkyMorrowind is here (probably, dead)